The list below is a representation of our inventory.  Current pricing available on request.  There is a link at bottom of each spec sheet, please add Prod# to subject line for prompt response.

Recent additions

Amada #CTB400 Automatic Vertical CNC saw, 16" capacity, 2008, Prod-0057

Blue Valley #4 hydraulic flanger, 3/8" capacity 1986, Prod-0060


120 Amp Komatsu #REVII Fine Plasma, 6' x 12', Prod-0042

40 Amp Komatsu #KCR-0448 Precision Plasma, 4' x 8', Prod-0007

90 Amp Komatsu Rasor #KCR-0951 Fine Plasma, 5' x 10', Prod-0025

130 Amp AKS ACCU-CUT Hy-Def Plasma, 6’ x 12’, Prod-0047, Available late summer

100 Amp Messer Metalmaster III Hy-Def Plasma, 6' x 15', Ext. Retrofit 2012, Prod-0051


Mitts & Merrill #2 Hydraulic Key-Seater, Prod-0004

Press brakes

35 Ton Diacro #14-72 Hydra-mech press brake, 6' OA, Prod-0005

60 Ton Accurpress #7606, Hydraulic press brake, 6' OA, Clean, Prod-0053

60 Ton Accurpress #7606 "Advantage series", Hydraulic press brake, 6' OA, Prod-0054

144 Ton Trumpf #V130 Hydraulic press brake, 10' OA, CNC BG, Prod-0052

Plate bending rolls

4' x 1/4" JM Montgomery #4R-4825 Four Roll Double Pinch Hydraulic Plate Bending Roll, Prod-0006

CNC Mills

Haas #TM-1 CNC Mill, 30" x 12" x 16", 4,000 RPM, Prod-0009 Recently sold, email for current offerings!!


60 Ton Bliss #C60 OBI press, Prod-0003

Eitel #RP40 straightening press, Prod-0010

50 Ton Denison #FN-50 Hydraulic Press, Prod-0021

Die handlers

3,000 Lb Hansford #1021 Die handler,  Prod-0013


Amada #HA250W Automatic Horizontal Saw, 10" capacity, Prod-0019

HEM #F160LM-DC Semi-Automatic Horizontal saw, 25" capacity,  Prod-0027

Spartan #PA-22 Automatic Horizontal saw, 22" capacity, Prod-0055

Boomlifts Etc.

Genie #Z34/22N Boomlift, Articulating, safety certified, 2006, Prod-0023

Genie #Z30/20N Boomlift, Articulating, safety certified, 2006, Prod-0056

JLG #450AJ Boomlift, Articulating , safety certified, 2008, Prod-0024

JLG #E300AJP Boomlift, Articulating, safety certified, 2006, Prod-0040

JLG #4394RT 4WD Scissor lift, 43' Lift, 2006, Prod-0041


100 Ton Mubea #KLSH900 Hydraulic Ironworker, Prod-0037

90 Ton Piranha #P-4 90 Hydraulic Ironworker, Prod-0035


Okamoto #ACC/12-24DX Hydraulic Surface Grinder, 3-Axis, Prod-0036